Me v/s Myself

The greatest personal battles in our lives are with ourselves. It's how we fight with our abilities to overcome our doubts and troubles and to express it to the world that makes us who we are. And through a series of paintings named Me v/s. Myself, Shailesh Acharekar brings alive this basic struggle for ex-pression.
With his Me v/s Myself series of paintings, he manages to break the strings that hold him back and discovers himself in the process. After all, the only thing that stops us from finding the limits of our creativity is we ourselves. Shailesh Acharekar has given these limits a form. In his paintings, they come alive as strings that dictate our thoughts and actions.
With vibrant colours, and deft strokes of paint, Shailesh creates a harmony as two sides of our minds collide. With amazing control over the use of colour flow he expresses his daily Me v/s Myself battles in a thought provoking and interesting way. The colours flow in different directions instead of down. Directing his thoughts into creating a battle between the conscious and sub-conscious mind.
Shailesh's artisitic voyage has also been an exploration of how to express himself better. With Me v/s Myself, Shailesh invites us to look into ourselves and our struggles.

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