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Geeta said...

Hi Salish, Very nice work, quite intense, quite reflective. How about somethng that is less reserved, say if the person is thinking intensely, but your are showing the dynamics of what would happen if he acted on his thoughts. When i see your work it bring together all the hundreds of thoughts that buzz around, and need a vent. Hey and how about showing a woman feeling like this. Cheers from UK - Geeta

Falguni Shah said...

I do like your work, they are the psychological enquiries that artists of yore conducted, your work reminds me of this.

in your paintings I see there could be someone struggling in the moment, with a split in values.

The fact that this set has mainly earthy tones suggest a sensitive personality, venturing into some bright impact.

The fascinating thing its the longs straight protrusions from the head, showing some fixity and structure in thought, there's something really psychiatric about them, in a good way.

We have an art contribution running for Heal The Soil, providing organic agricultural education for villagers in Tamil Nadu.
Would you be interested in submitting something? The artwork is then given to the donors of the project as a gift.
If you took part, we draw more attention to the project and be able to reward a generous donor amply.

Its so nice to write to someone moved by art in the way you are. I came across you through Raaz2.
Look forward to what comes from you next

Warmest regards


Sanjay Sarfare said...

Hi Shailesh, very good work,I am freind of Sachin Haldankar, I am also Artist.
this is my paintings blog, Pl see it
this is my portfolio link, Pl see it

Hari Somakantan said...

Hi Shailesh,

I am from Singapore. Saw your works online.
Kinda resonates with me the universal theme of your works. Sort of crossing the boundaries of race, culture, religion and more into soul searching, a state being.
I am an art dealer in Singapore. Let me know if you would be keen to promote your works i
in Singapore.

Best Regards,